Asia Internet Congress 2008 Review

I like to share with you on a internet seminar which I attended recently, its Asia Internet Congress 2008. The Asian internet marketeers are stepping up as the ones who are giving Asians training and knowledge. Quite frankly, our western counterparts are not as updated as they were before.

Here are the speakers lineup and what their topics:

Ian Del Carmen – Membership Sites: The truth behind membership sites. How to get started in membership marketing.

Alvin Phang – Blog Marketing: How To Make Money Online Building Your Own Profitable Blog.

Virpi Trevonen – Product Creation: How to turn one single little idea — that you can’t even believe other’s could be interested in — into solid passive income stream of thousands of dollars.

Benjamin Wee – eBay Marketing: How to make a comfortable living online through eBay marketing.

Jaz Lai – Income List Boosters: How to rake in ultra responsive subscribers and boost your income anytime you wish.

Eugene Ang – PPC Marketing: Why PPC marketing? The power of PPC advertising.

Patric Chan -Niche Marketing: How to use the Niche 2.0 Marketing system to start a successful online business.

Jo Han Mok -Minisite Meta Model 2.0

F.abian – Search Engine Optimization: How to create a six-figure business with SEO.

I must say that this event has open up my eyes to asia internet marketeers, I have learn a lot from them, and quite different from the western internet marketeers. I must say that our Asian internet marketeers have stepped up and leading us to this new age business.

They have shared strategies that has blown my mind off, I was glad to be there. One thing that I remember from the seminar, is that you have to know every kind of internet marketing strategies, be it SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Network Marketing etc, that will greatly market your product to the masses.

That’s it for now, Asia Internet Congress will be coming in 2009. So give me a comment on the event, and I will help you on the details. Cheers!

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