Basic SEO Techniques That Work All The Time

Getting ranked on the 1st page of any major search engines can determine if you are making money or not. So basic SEO techniques on your web page is essential first step to dominating the search engine results. Lots of people have been reading from other so called SEO experts that the search engines are hard to predict, it's not easy to understand the search engines, etc…..

But all this are not true, and it's actually simple to apply. Here are some basic SEO techniques that you should apply on your web page, also known as on-page optimization;

Title Tag Optimization

Heading Tag Optimization

Description Tag Optimization Keyword Tag Optimization

Content Optimization Image or Alt Tag Optimization

Internal Linking

Keyword Prominence

Navigation Usability

With the above 9 on-page optimization techniques, you will be able to tell the search engine what your web page is all about and getting it to rank well on the search engine result. Of course these are not enough to dominate in the search engine, you will need external linking that will help to get to the top of the game. Will share with you on the coming post regarding getting or generating external links to your web page.

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