Cyrus Yung’s Goals 2012

It’s 31st Dec 2011 now, and there so many things that happened to me in 2011. I decided to look past them and focus on getting great results in 2012, yet will still use my past experiences to help me in 2012.

Cyrus Yung’s Goals For 2012

1) $5000 monthly from Local Business Websites (For Internet Marketing). Will create 8 websites at least, targeting $1000 monthly for each website. Deadline; 31st Mar 2012. Below are how I will go about doing this.

– Create different websites, targeting home services and lifestyle niches in Singapore. Currently have 2 home niches website, 1 still need to rank well in Google and Yahoo.
Cross Selling. As I am into the home niches, cross selling will be related and much easy to sell. The strategy is to prepare a set of emails for each home niches, cross selling each other. Using the autoresponder service, Aweber to do the cross selling.
– For each niche, the sequence of events will generally be, a) keyword or market research, b) website creation, c) Cross Selling using autoresponder, d) Create new content using blog, e) Off Page SEO, getting links from other related domains, f) PPC for each niche (optional and depending).
Will set a weekly and monthly routine that will see the results above.
– Find at least 8 or more related home and lifestyle niches business owners to support and get sales commission or cost per lead basics.

Will be using a lot of outsourcers to help me in obtaining this goal, and support from a very close friend and partner of mine.
2) Train for IPPT “Gold” and 10Km Run. I have been doing exercise nowadays, and have set a weekly routine that I must perform. Below are the exercise routines;

– Clock 10km or more per week.
Push ups, 3 sets of 15 different push ups. Do this 3 times per week (meaning 135 push ups) This is daily.
– Abs exercise. Ab plank, centre and both sides, 1 mins. Roller abs, 2 sets of 12. This is daily.
Walk 8 level of stairs. This is once daily.

As I want to take IPPT end of Feb 2012, will increase the above (especially for running) exercise weekly gradually. Will be taking part in a 10km run in March or April 2012, will ask some of my running buddy to join me.

3) Relationship Matters. I have great friends and loving family, so I will be looking into a deeper relationship with God (Jesus), and having a girlfriend in 2012. Will keep this to myself, but to share with you, currently I am having a coach for my accountability and doing what I want in life that makes me happy. His name is Dennis Tan, will share more about him next time.
Well this sums up what I will be focusing in 2012, when 1) and 2) are almost reached will set another goal to keep my momentum going. I am actually excited and want to see breakthroughs in 2012 in terms of money, health and relationship. Talk to you again.

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