Digital Marketing is Getting Lots of Bad Reviews

Recently I have a new client ( who are in the licensed money lending business. Before I came in, they were engaged by another digital marketing agency (I will not state the name of agency).

They promised to do SEO for I-Credit, re-do their website for $10,000, and at the same time get their website rank for related keywords within 3 months. If they reached the goal within 3 months, I-Credit is to pay them $1,500 per month, meaning $4,500 after the third month.

But after the forth month, the ranking is still on page 6 or more. So I-Credit did not pay them. Today while I was doing some random search, I found out something about the agency that did not deliver. There were a lot of complaints about them.

I have to apologised to those who used these so call agency who guarantee traffic and ranking for Singapore businesses. These agencies (most of them) do not have experience in SEO, they are sales consultant not SEO¬†practitioner. So they do not understand how it’s done, even if they do know they only know the SEO that’s back in the beginning of 2000. Meaning dinosaur SEO knowledge.

No wonder a lot of Singapore companies are very sceptical towards online marketing. But I am determine that I am doing the right things and right direction. And will continue to give value to my clients.

If you want to find out how we are doing for I-Credit, do contact us here.

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