Do You Ask Questions Before You Meet Your Prospect?

While you are prospecting and have gotten them to agree to meet up with you, do you ask them questions through email before meeting up with them?

Well I do, but not all the time, because sometimes these prospects are referred by someone so I tend not to ask questions before meeting. But today seems to make me want to firm this habit of mine to all prospects. I do not wish to share on this, and below will be my questions to my prospects;

1) Who are your target audience?

2) Where are they found?

3) What is your expectation when you engage Ascelade?

4) Who is the decision maker and what’s his/her position in the company?

5) What is your budget and length of this project?

I remembered attended a sales training seminar that targets B2B sales (, that in order to filter off unqualified prospects. Questions help to filter unqualified prospects away. Do you ask questions?

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