Fire, Aim And Shoot!

Human beings have a tendency to always think first then do, but most of the time they did not start because in their mind, they would have tons of reasons not to execute the plan. What can be done then? Fire first, aim after, and finally shoot!

What do I mean by fire, aim, and shoot? What I mean is that start doing something when you have the idea, then refine it and do it again with the refinement. When I began my military life years ago, I have to go through basic military training, involving handling of rifles. Everyone was given a rifle under his own charge. When it was my first time shooting the rifle, my instructor wanted us to shoot at the target first then will adjust our own line of sight. For your info, everyone’s line of sight for the rifle are different, that is why each of us has their own rifle, so that after we have adjust our line of sight. All we need to do after is to train on aiming at the target, our breathing during shooting and the angle involved at different distance. This is what you should do!

You must always have a altitude to do first then refine. Of course when you first started, you must start small.  It’s because when you start small you can afford to make mistake, not a lot of people will take notice and your cost will also be low too. Like what Robert Kiyosaki always said, “If you want to start a part time business, start small first.”

Like what I said in my previous post, that is why I choose internet marketing, as you can afford to make mistake at first, but for a normal offline business, you can’t afford to make any. As the cost of the mistake is high.

That’s all I have to share.

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