How To Motivate Yourself?

Well, I have been sharing with you on a few things on business, but all will not be well if you are not able to motivate yourself. So how is that done?

I have been to a lot of seminars where speakers share, and read a lot of books on self motivation. Here are five main points:

1. Write out a clear life plan – your ultimate goals – and refer to the plan often.

2. Exercise. Increasing your heart rate ups your energy level to tackle other goals.

3. When undertaking a lengthy and difficult project, especially something you don’t want to do, imagine what you’d like to be doing when finished – dinner, a movie, a good book – and make the task a priority.

4. Keep your “why” in front of your eye. Do you want a new car, more time with your family or to put yourself first for a change? Keep a photo of your goal on your desk or where you will see it often.

5. Figure out how much sleep works for you and hit that goal each night. Most of us need six to eight hours. Adequate sleep fuels inspiration, clarity and helps maintain healthy eating.

The above are guidelines to motivating yourself, you will be surprise that your level of energy increases because you kept yourself to the above. They focuses on your goals, health, family, relationships, career, and many more. Try them out for 90 days.

Do them NOW! You will start to experience life changing. Why wait?

That’s all for today, see ya tomorrow.

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