How To Promote To Your Job’s Next Higher Position?

World's Best BossIf you are looking to get promoted to your next higher position, here’s 3 tips that can help you;

1) Work as if the position/ role that you want is already yours. Showing your superior that you work in a senior position shows them that you are willing to take the responsibility and at the same time showing them that you want to be train. Imagine that the management bring in someone new who has never done the job of that position before, don’t you think that the management is wasting time and money on the new person? Instead if you show the management that you know how to work in the position that you desired, they can save time, money and able to trust in your ability.

2) Be humble to learn. When you decide to get the higher position in your company, the very next thing to do is to learn. But I like to share that you MUST be able to complete your primary job first before taking additional ones. This way, you are showing your management that you can mange you time and work, and yet learn new things.

3) Be willing to go further. Once you made the decision to go for the higher position, you must condition yourself to go further than your current self. Your current self will not be able to help you because it does not have the capacity to  go there. That is why 1) and 2) are very important.

This principal can be used in every situation of your life, like a single person to married person, a married person to a parent, etc…

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