Its How Hard You Get Hit And Keep Moving Forward!

Rocky Balboa Quote

I have always been a Rocky Balboa fan, this latest (thought produced in 2006) Rocky movie is the one I love most. There are a few very inspiring scents that has somehow motivated me to move forward in this times of uncertainty.

There will be problems in our lives, and will still come back as a new problem. It is through problems that will show what you are made of. “Its how hard you get hit and keep moving forward!”

The Story

Rocky now is like over 60 years of age, his wife has passed away leaving their son and wife’s brother. Thinking of his wife daily, a restaurant owner, son not living with him, sharing his past fights with his customers. Rocky felt that he has a beast in him that wants to come out, he feel that he wants to go back to boxing. A lot of people has been giving Rocky negative feedback in going back to boxing. His son especially was not happy with Rocky’s decision. They had an disagreement on Rocky going back, because the son feels that Rocky his dad has been a great man, giving people hope. The son felt that he is a shadow to Rocky, and thus the scent below.

Please enjoy the scent below, its one of my favorites.

If you are feeling down and needed motivation, this scene will help you, it has for me. Do always feel free to come back and look at this video again.

Or you can get the DVD from Amazon, its a classic movie to have.

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