Linking Strategy: Importance Of Traffic Generation For Website

I have been sharing with you on on-page optimazation, off-page optimazation and other SEO strategies. Find out what is the one thing that most internet marketers do not do, that is linking strategy.

After you have done the on-page and of- page optimazation, what you should do is to link your websites or blogs to other related websites or blogs. This is what I call vertical traffic generation. Let’s take for example you have a website on “Ladies Bag”, you should be linking to related website like ladies shoes, ladies accessales, etc. Of course you must get them to link back to you as well.

Ok, you must be asking, how can I ask them to link to me when I do not know them? This is the difficult part of linking strategy. You have to email the owner of the website, stating you like to do a link exchange. You already have their link in one of your web page. Sometimes they might want you to anchor text the link instead, as anchor text tells the web spiders what the page is all about, and you should do the same too. Below is a draft email to the website owner:

Subject: Link Exchange Request From Relevant Site

Dear Website Owner,

My Name is XXXXX on behalf of Your

I have found your web site when searching for related link partners, and believe we are a good match. The site I am working on is

I have taken the liberty of placing a link to your site at (your web page that holds the website owner’s link). Please let me know if the title, description, and page choice are suitable.

Please use the following HTML for the reciprocal link:

<h2>Karen’s Ladies’ Bag</h2>

<p>We are the best <a href=””> online ladies bag in Asia</a>. Whether you want the latest LV bag or other branded bags, we have the widest range online.

If you can’t paste HTML on the page, please use the following:

Title: Karen’s Ladies Bag

Description: We are the best online ladies bag in Asia. Whether you want the latest LV bag or other branded bags, we have the widest range online.


Please let me know when/where the reciprocal link gets posted so we don’t remove your link in error.

Regards and best of luck with your online promotions.



Now, you need to take note of whether the website owner did place the link on his website. For me I will give a week for the website owner to respond, then decide whether to take away the link to the website owner, if he did put the link on his website. You might have over hundreds of related website to exchange links, so you need to organize the link exchange on a excel spread sheet, helping you to remember and manage.

The other type of vertical traffic generation is submitting to directories, but to those that offer one way link is the best, and it will help you in generating traffic. If the directory wants a reciprocal link, do not submit to this directory, as it will dilute the traffic between you and the directory. Why then do we have to link to other related website with reciprocal link? It is because as the directory will draw a lot more traffic from your website rather than you getting more traffic from the directory.

For your new website to have a lot of traffic, you will have need to have a thousand links directing to you or link exchange. I would suggest that you invest one month to do the link exchange and submit to directories. I can say that you will have significant traffic increase if you done this. But of course this is quite a hard job to do, but your focus is always on driving traffic to your website 80% of your time.

That’s it for now, I will see you soon.


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