Pay-Per-Click Marketing Part 1

A lot of people bleed using PPC to promote their products or services, because they do not know the difference between broad match, phrase match, exact match and negative match. Below are the meaning:

    • Broad match is the default setting for all keywords. All searches made using your keyword (in any order or combination) might display your ad.
    • Phrase match narrows your reach by requiring the words to appear in that exact order.
    • Exact match further narrows your reach by showing your ad when the exact phrase is used in the search — without any other words before, between, or after.
    • Negative match eliminates searched phrases you don’t want your ad to appear on, such as c.heap or free.

These four things will determine your PPC marketing, to greatly increase in targeted customers thus getting good click through rate, which will result in paying less in pay per click.

Do you realize that this is two of the basis in doing business? Cutting cost and increasing sales. Let me explain:

A lot of beginner will use broad match only to reach the world, but what they did is that it allow all the people who key in the keyword, for example ‘golf’ to appear even if you sell only golf balls. It means directing unnecessary traffic or not targeted traffic to your product. Thus increasing in impression, lowering click through rate.

All the above, I am talking on Adwords.

Well there is a site that you can learn about PPC. Learn more.

Will share with you more soon, do comment on the the above post if you have anything to add. As I am sharing on internet marketing strategy with all the people in the world. Cheers and be successful online.

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