Pay-Per-Click Marketing Part 2

Google Adwords is the most sophisticated PPC management program and the best of all the three major search engine. That is why if you want to go into Yahoo PPC, you must go into Google Adwords first, then into Yahoo PPC or MSN PPC. WHY?

The Adwords program is not just way advance than the other two, but also it offers a very great keyword compilation of the past campaign. And do not forget that60% of the online users use Google to search. So if you are able to perform a great keyword ch with click through rate of 5% and above. It means you are doing the right thing and Google rewards you, with low cost per click. Why?

Google’s main theme is relevancy, so if your website is selling golf product, and your Adwords ads showing you are selling dog food. You are not relevant with what you are selling, it has bridge the searcher’s trust and Google’s code of honor. Google will then tell you to increase your max cost per click to maybe USD$5.00. Google is telling you that you are not relevant and wasting their ads space.

The next thing to do is to find out your selling keywords. Selling keywords means words like “buy Sony laptop model A-1″, the customer knows what he/she is buying and wants to buy now. I will explain the buying keywords more the next time. So this will greatly decrease your impression and increase your click through rate, thus reducing marketing cost.

Of course not forgetting to use broad and phrase match, to further reducing the unwanted impressions. Because using broad match for the above keyword, will generate a lot of unwanted keywords. Trust me if you want to reduce cost per click.

I will see you tomorrow, do comment on the the above post if you have anything to add. As I am sharing on internet marketing strategy with all the people in the world. Cheers and be successful online.


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