PPC And SEO Marketing

On my last post, I shared that there are ways to market your off line business online. They are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For PPC, this is the fastest way to promote your service or product online in as fast as 15 minutes. There a few more advantages:

  1. Cost effectiveness,
  2. Geographical positioning,
  3. Reach targeted customers,
  4. Actual keywords hits analysis

There are three major search engines offering PPC, they are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN adCenter. Of which Google has the biggest searchers, that is more than 60%. Yahoo has around 30%, whereas MSN around 10%. I too used PPC initially to promote affiliate products online. As I can see result fast. It has help me, but I was not familiar with the difference of broad match, exact match and phrase match. So I was paying a lot on my Cost Per Click (CPC) as I have a lot of unwanted impression and not targeted keywords. This is the learning lesson, and has taught me well. I will be sharing with you on more about AdWords PPC on later post.

SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization. It has a very distinct advantage over the other types of online marketing, that is getting FREE traffic forever. Well of course you have to get the basic right in order to rank well in search engines. Here are the basics you must know on SEO:

  1. On-Page Optimization,
  2. Off-Page Optimization,
  3. In Bound and Out Bound Links

These three are the ones you MUST know on SEO, I will share with you on the topics in later post. For a quick review on why SEO is the best way to reach your target customers that is is F.REE, forever in the search engine if you are indexed and reach target customers.

That will be all for the day, I will share with you more tomorrow, do comment on the the above post if you have anything to add. As I am sharing on internet marketing strategy with all the people in the world. Cheers and be successful online.

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