Why I Setup a Digital Marketing Company Called Ascelade

I like to share the reasons for setting up Ascelade Pte Ltd, a digital marketing company. This is the company that I am pound of having and intend to be well known in Asia for helping companies generate sales and branding online. So here goes;

1) I get to help companies pass through the survival mode. There is a fact that 90% of the businesses do not survival the first 5 years when it was registered, and another 90% of the businesses do not survival the next 5 years. This is a serious matter, most people are not train to be a businessman or an entrepreneur. Most do not find a mentor or a business coach to help them.

Here’s the analogy: Singapore authorises requires that everyone to pass the 2 driving theory test (basic and advanced), go through a series of practical driving, then pass the practical driving test. Will you finally be able to drive on the road. Why would Singapore authorises want us to do that?

Because they want to make sure that you do not endanger the safety of others and yourself.

But why most people take up the business route without going through these test and lessons? It’s because the safety of others and yourself is not involved, but the ironically is that the financial well being of others and yourself are at risk!

With driving a consistent targeted traffic to the company website from the search engines, most companies can go pass the survival mode easily.

2) I get to learn and experience entrepreneurship and business personally. Though this may sound contradicting to what I shared above having a mentor. I do have mentors guiding me and giving me advises on business and entrepreneurship.

What I mean is that through entrepreneurship I get to experience more and faster than the normal people who work for others. I have always believe that doing things I have never done before, I will experience more and faster than a normal person, and doing business lets me do that.

3) I get to have flexible time to serve God and also do my favourite things too. There may be other entrepreneurs who wants to get rich. I do want to get rich too, but the main priority is to serve God, so in order to serve God I must first have flexible time and still be able to sustain myself financially. 

For my favourite things, I will write my 100 bucket list in the future, but here are some of things I like to do;
i) Skydive
ii) Climb Mt Everest
iii) Run Full Marathon
iv) Watch a NBA Match in the front row.
v) Learn Archery

4) Lastly, I get the HIGH in doing it. This is more of a fulfilment for me on doing business. As my 2 childhood dreams are to be a commando and to have a business. In a way I have achieved the first dream, so instead of commando, I became a Naval Diver. So right now I am focusing on business.

So these are my reasons now for starting Ascelade Pte Ltd. I will continue to write on this blog for updates on my life and where I am. If you like to support me by using Ascelade’s services, do contact us here.

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