Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Just a few days ago, I had a mastermind meeting with a friend. We shared about our wins for the past 2 weeks and our obstacles.

She made me realised that i am very uncomfortable to teach in front of a crowd.

I found out that the main reason is that I take it to heart that if the participants did not use what I taught them, the worst that I though was that they will review that I did not do what is suppose to do.

But deep down, I know that it’s not true, because from what I know about seminar business is that only less than 5% of the participants takes action, while others have reasons not to take action.

So I took up the challenge to do a  day course on “Get Business Leads in 15 mins with $10 a day”.

I am very excited now and a bit afraid too. But I know all that is “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

Have you ever step out of your comfort zone before or currently? Do share using the comment below.

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