What’s Your Top 3 Revenue Activity?

Ascelade Pte Ltd has been in operation since 2011, a lot have change and I have learnt a lot from these 4 years of operating business.

Today, I like to share what I have been doing to generate revenue activities for Ascelade.

1) Weekly BNI meeting (Networking & Referrals in BNI Ultimate).

2) Relationship/Power Team (Relationships).

3) Content (not that consistent, should have 8 articles per month, Ascelade blog and Linkedin).

For the first 2 activity, I have been consistent in meeting new people and building relationship together with them. You can see that the third activity is not that consistent, so I will plan to write more content consistently on my Linkedin and Ascelade’s blog.

Consistency is the name of being successful. I am not saying that I am very successful yet, but it has given results that I think can share with all of you.

If you are thinking of how I got to find out how I got to decide which activity to focus on, take a look or reference from the infographic below.

B2B Prospecting Methods

Do use the reference to determine the activities to generate revenue, cause it will help you to focus on your business.

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