WordTracker Tool: Choosing Good Keywords For My Website?

Before you start doing your website or blog, you MUST always do the keyword research first before anything. The question is how can I research for the relevant keywords then? There are a couple of ways, but I will tell you the best way is using WordTracker Keyword Tool.

I have been using WordTracker for a few months now, and has help me find keywords that searchers are searching. Keywords that you will never know if you are Google yourself, but of course you are not. So the next best alternative is using WordTracker then.

By the way, even if you use Google’s free keyword tool, the keywords are in broad match. Meaning that you will not see the exact keyword phrase that searchers are using, but WordTracker will drill down to the exact phrase, long tail keywords and gives you the number of people using the phrases last month. You can record down the keywords into excel spread sheet as a reference for future use.

WordTracker will be able to tell you about the competitiveness of the keyword know as Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI). KEI refers to the number of times a keyword has appeared in WordTracker’s data compared with the number of competing web pages, which points to which keywords would be most effective for your search engine marketing strategy. What this means is that the higher the KEI the more popular the keyword will be. This is very important to know what is the primary keywords that will account 80% of traffic.

You can also get the top 100 most popular keywords in 2008 from WordTracker as well, as you will want to know what niche you might be interested in, and making money out of the pie. It gives you the general trend of what people are searching online. This is also very important.

There are a lot of internet marketers using WordTracker to do their keyword research, if you want to be successful in the internet marketing world, WorldTracker is what you must have. Anyway there is a 7 days FREE TRIAL, if you think that WordTracker is not for you, just remember to unsubscribe.

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