How to Start a Small Business SEO Consulting?

I am into SEO consulting in Singapore and doing affiliate marketing internationally. There are many ways to start a SEO consulting biz in your turf. But I find that there is a set of procedure to go about first, before you get that first SEO consulting client. Below are the ways I would use to get my business if you have the guts to use them:

1) Show Proof

A lot of times, salesman will sell to you about some product, how it actually work. You are convinced because the salesman showed proof on how effective the product is, and how it will make your life easier. This is what you should show to your client. Show them that you have a website or web page that is ranking high (preferable top 10 ranking) from a keyword phrase. If they jaw dropped by what you showed them, you have won half the battle.

2) Show Them Who’s Getting The Pie (And Who’s Getting The Most Of It)

You have showed your client to be, that you have web pages or websites that are ranking well on the first page of SERPs. Next is to show them how is their competitors are doing online. Type in the most relevant keyword phrase that someone would search online for your client to be products or services. For example, using “fat lost program in Singapore” as the search term, these search results will most properly be your client’s competitors. To add in some spice, show your client where their website or web page is for this search ranking results.

3) Show Them How Much Are Their Competitors Earning From Their Website

This is the one that will get their immediate attention. One will not take it when he knows how much his competition is earning. For this I am using 10% as a bench mark, as local business has a much higher conversion rate than making money online using affiliate marketing, and assuming that they are on the top 3 position of the SERPs. First is find out how many searches in the country or state for the keyword phrase for last month, you can use the free Adwords tool for this. Second, you need to find out the average cost your competitors are selling from their website. From there on its all formula using (Numbers of searches X Average Cost Od Product/ Service X 10%).

For example: 10,000 geo target searches for the search term keyword, average cost for the services is $100. That means your competitor is roughly earning around $100,000. Use this number to say it to your client’s face, they will not be able to take it, because they are missing out $100,000 in sales, because their website is not ranking well.

If you are interested in setting up a SEO consulting business in your country or state, and you have not done any project on your own before. Contact me for coaching or we can be as business partner.

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